Reelfoot Lake State Park Guide

Visit Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee

This shallow, natural lake is teeming with wildlife. Reelfoot Lake offers beauty year-round for tourists to the northwest Tennessee area.

The beauty and eco-life of Reelfoot Lake State Park give a whole new meaning to getting back to nature. This all-natural lake was formed in 1811 – 1812 by an earthquake along the New Madrid fault. This lake is known locally as ‘Quake Lake’. Reelfoot Lake State Park is located in Northwest Tennessee near the small town of Samburg. A hunter’s paradise, a fisherman’s dream, or a camper’s haven could all be attributed to this naturally beautiful lake.

Wildlife on Reelfoot Lake

Everything from crappie to egrets can be found in and around Reelfoot Lake. It seems that the lake is a hatchery in and of itself. This lake is jam-packed with wildlife but it is most famous for the bald eagles.

In the early morning hours, the majestic bald eagles can be seen doing domestic chores such as; feeding their young or fortifying their nests. The Reelfoot Lake Museum has a refuge for injured eagles and other wildlife. At the museum, the public can view these magnificent eagles up close.

Activities at Reelfoot Lake

Eagle tours are given at the lake beginning in January and continuing through mid-March. The bus tours are about two hours long and take eagle watchers to the best areas in which to view the bald eagle in its natural habitat.

Several different boat cruises are offered throughout the summer and fall seasons. There is a boat cruise for every taste. For the adventurous, there is a Deep Swamp Canoe Trip. In the months of June, July, and August romance and fun are the main themes. Sweethearts can take a romantic Moonlight Cruise or let their fun side shine with a cookout cruise on Caney Island. Last, there is the Fall Color Boat Cruise. On this cruise, tourists can enjoy the fall beauty of Reelfoot Lake and observe several different migratory birds.

October is another explosive month at Reelfoot Lake. Artist and craftspeople from all around bring their handy work to the Reelfoot Lake Arts & Crafts Festival. The Arts & Crafts Festival is a three-day annual event that takes place the first weekend in October.

Hunting and Fishing on Reelfoot Lake

Known for its excellent fishing and duck hunting, Reelfoot Lake is a true paradise for sportsmen. Sportsmen from around the country enjoy scouring the lake to catch ‘the big one’. For those who want to find just the right spot for fishing or hunting, the lake area hosts quite a number of guide services.


Reelfoot Lake State Park is a wonderful place to get away. Whether a sportsman or not, the serene, scenic beauty of the lake is inspiring and relaxing. For more information on Reelfoot Lake, visit:

Reelfoot Lake State Park
2595 Highway 21 East, Tiptonville, TN 38079
Phone: (731) 253-9652

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